Additional services: the real added value for your website

Internet is an evolving reality with a myriad of solutions, products and services which, if used well and with taste, can help you increase more than just the usability of your website.

A website integrated with external elements is essential and can help to improve its visibility. Therefore it becomes important to find somebody who can provide these options, advising you during each phase.

Here at atWebPresence we are aware of the role of these factors, and that’s why we have developed a range of services with the purpose of adding value to your pages.

Subscribe your website to the major search engines

It consists in a very easy practice: tell the major search engines about your website, going to them before they will come to you.

Although this practice is unable to ensure and produce by itself good results from organic search, it remains a useful activity for indexing your website.

Integrating Social Media solutions

The greatest potential of social media? Their ability to generate traffic to your website. An effective practice to expand your on-line brand recognition starts right from the integration of interfaces that help you drive traffic generated by social networks.

How? Keep up to date the visitors of your website via Twitter, or redirect the traffic from thematic bespoke pages on facebook or myspace feeding constant information about your company's activity. 

Or choose to extend the circle of your professional contacts through thematic groups you can find on website such as LinkedIn or Xing.

The choices are multiple, but the purpose remains the same, to increase brand exposure and ensure that your website is visited by as many people as possible.

Greater dynamism thanks to custom video and photo galleries

Various analysis on the traffic generated by those who surf the Internet show the importance of video usage. Companies use blogs and websites to increase the popularity of their brand on-line and get standard exposure. But they add videos to make them more interactive and popular increasing the numbers of visits.

The video has become a very effective form of communication that allows you to demonstrate your product and services in a way that photos and text can't.

It is visual, attractive and versatile. It provides the tangible proof that the product you are looking to sell works, giving the emotional drive that static text can’t give. In other words, it’s trigger that helps you seal the deal.

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