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Functional software testing (manual and automated) ensures that its components are working properly and that they meet your needs, your business processes and logic.

This is done through the use of various techniques such as valid and invalid User Scenario, Usability Testing, compatibility tests or ad-hoc testing performed in order to ensure that the software analysed meets the necessary requirements.

Test results and metrics

The functional test performed here by atWebPresence represents the added value for our customers, thanks to our methodical and effective approach. Each cycle of testing is followed by a series of metrics reports along with any comments or recommendations to changes necessary in order to improve the quality of the application.

Our commitment to quality

The functional test is particularly effective when performed in a cyclical manner and simultaneously with the development of the application. Defects found further down the line of the production chain prove to be 100 times more expensive to fix compared to their resolution costs when you are still in the process of writing the code. From this point of view, a way to reduce costs and minimize the risk is to use a mixture of manual and automated cyclical tests.

As an independent quality assurance company, atWebPresence aims to ensure the proper functionality of your software according to the standards provided and with an objective assessment.

At atWebPresence you will find:

- Extensive experience in functional testing for web and desktop applications
- A workload optimised by the use of automated processes for testing Web applications
- Flexibility and professionalism guaranteed by internationally recognized standards in the IT industry

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