SEO business case :

1. The objectives of the project

- Build a SEO friendly website easy to use
- Generate and improve
organic traffic from search engines
- Enhance the
search engine visibility of the website
- Establish the website positions in Google for all of the services provided by the business

2. SEO Strategy Implementation

- In-depth analysis of the objectives was carried out in order to assess the final target and gain genuine insight and understanding to allow atWebPresence to target good SEO results.

- A competitor analysis was executed to establish their activity and their image presented over the Internet. These include local, regional, national and international dry cleaners businesses.

- Metadata research was undertaken to identify the most relevant keywords with the highest average volume of searches. The website’s positions were measured against identified keywords in three major search engines: Bing, SEO and Google.

- Content optimisation was done targeting one particular area of the website describing the full list of services offered by the company. Relevant targeted keyword phrases have been added in the visible HTML text.

- Title, meta description and keyword optimisation was undertaken.

- URLs were written to include relevant keywords and improve snippet visibility in search engine results pages.

- An XML site map was submitted to Google Webmaster Tools account in order to monitor the crawl process.

3. SEO results

Two main achievements have been reached from the work done so far in order to promote the website on the Internet:

- Regarding the overall stats related to the traffic sources that have been recorder from its launch in March 2010:

SEO results chart







- The other considerable achievement has been reached increasing the level of visibility of the website from Google searches. Below is an example of the results obtained for some of the most common search criterias:

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