Search Engine Optimization and results (SEO)

An attractive website on its own is not enough. Any design, whether it is the most effective and appealing one must make use of a structure and content that increases its ranking on search engines.

SEO business caseWhat does SEO mean?
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the quantity and quality of traffic to a website resulting from "organic" research coming from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask.

The optimisation done on a website in order to increase its presence on the search engine goes through three basic elements:

  1. Keywords and descriptions for each page (Metadata)
  2. Structural optimisation of the site
  3. SEO campaigns

1. Keywords and Descriptions

Keywords and descriptions are all terms that visitors select from search engines like Google to find a website.

The first phase of work performed in creating a website that is optimised for SEO is to establish the right keywords and phrases that can help increase traffic to your website.

For this purpose it is important to plan in advance what words can better define the content of your website in line with your business. These words are the semantic basis for a successful SEO that can help give you that Internet exposure you need to make your business successful.

2. Optimization of website’ s structure

The second phase of "Website Optimisation" is represented by the presence of a long series of structural devices that allow a bigger emphasis on key elements of the site when the search engines will read its content. This is an important practice that on its own could determine the success of a site's ranking among the top results of a search.

Changes that we include in our analysis are:
• Reformulation of the text
• Usage of a valid HTML
• Re-code the site navigation
• Change the description tag
• Editing keywords
• Changing the title tag
• Change the ALT attributes for your images

3. SEO Campaign

After the site has been optimised, we recommend a monthly SEO campaign used to help improve the ranking. That implies a work of link building to and from active websites within the industry you operate, including links to web directories and social bookmarking sites. This is important to expand the popularity and name of your business.

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