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The success of a company is measured through the quality of the product it offers. This is especially important for those small and medium-sized companies, or for startups.

The quality standards could influence negatively the success of a company. It is clear that these risks can be mitigated in several ways. The most important one is to have a testing process reliable and professional.

A freelance software tester from this point of view can help you increase the confidence in your products.

A freelance testing service is a flexible resource

Testing task requires flexibility as it goes through various stages of the product life cycle. The initial phase is the most hectic: the preparation of the test plan, the individual test cases, the choice of priorities, organizations of various environments and so on.

However there are often periods of inactivity due to the simple reason that the software is not yet ready to be tested. This implies that even when the testing begins, it can stop for several reasons which are not always due to programming errors.

All this may end up being very costly, especially for those small businesses with limited budgets.

Flexibility and easy management

The freedom of the flexibility allows the correct balance of cost, time and quality, improving the quality and keeping under control costs and timing.

The resources we offer here at atWebPresence use approaches and methodologies that follow internationally recognized standards in the field and seek to minimize your project's risk.

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